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Vegee Syrup


  • Image of Vegee Syrup
  • Image of Vegee Syrup
  • Image of Vegee Syrup

Scent: melona ice cream bar
Texture: thick jelly

Thick jelly slime without tackiness, with vegetable fimos throughout!
It's thick and holdable, and inflates with a ton of bubble pop asmr! I love it when it's clear but also when it's inflated, it turns almost white when bubbly :)


Extras are no longer included in all orders. Please purchase EXTRAS (it's listed as a product) if you want borax+care sheet+candy+HJ wristband!
♥This item is not edible.
♥Please do not purchase my products if you are allergic to borax, glue, fragrance oils, food coloring, lotion or any other household goods.
♥Product images are for reference purposes and may differ from the actual product.

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