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BB Talk


  • Image of BB Talk
  • Image of BB Talk
  • Image of BB Talk

Scent: peaches, grapefruit
Texture: slay

Milky white base with pink blocks and pink sponges with strawberry cubes!
Super crunchy with unique ASMR!!! I know there are super packed slimes with these blocks but I have soft hands so I used just enough to not be too bothersome on the hands! Recommend if you want something new and unique.


Extras are no longer included in all orders. Please purchase EXTRAS (it's listed as a product) if you want borax+care sheet+candy+HJ wristband!
♥This item is not edible.
♥Please do not purchase my products if you are allergic to borax, glue, fragrance oils, food coloring, lotion or any other household goods.
♥Product images are for reference purposes and may differ from the actual product.

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